This 16×24 cm weekly diary/planner features a rubber cover accompanied from an extra case for a phone and a pen  . Its spiral binding,  white paper pages, extra surprises in the interior, make this product an object of design to be used everyday.

Start the new year with this.is.it new line of weekly work diaries; hand crafted by our artisans who utilize only the finest materials in order for you to usher in 2018 in style whilst striking a perfect balance between design and function. The cover of the diary consists of our patented rubber material that protects the contents of your work while adding a flair of elegance and substance and is bound by a discreet wire-o. The cover also provides a dock for your mobile device to be stored safely and a pen holder; allowing you to carry only what you need. Within the diary there is also space for you to store business cards as well as other treats such as a ruler and architects scale; making it the perfect match for designers and not only! The diary is available in 6 vibrant and illustrious colours giving you flexibility to pick the perfect one for your needs.

credits to the ArtDirector Manos Panagiotopoulos