the team & the vision it is a design & hand-craftsmanship studio formed by a team of young people addicted to pure & simplistic design patterns applied to everyday accessories & items. Our mission is to offer people that care enough as we do about design even when it comes to technology & their daily gadget companions, the ultimate covers to enclose them. Purists will want to hold their brand new state of the art devices with bare hands and we will work with our own hands to help them do so.

It is our brand’s policy to design, then assemble, knit and distribute our products, all by the hands of this team. A medium volume production at a premium quality outcome.

the product

We design & handcraft simple, contemporary and aesthetically innovative sleeves suitable for all of Apple’s MacBook & iPad versions. You will also find a series of nicely designed lanyards, card holders & key holders. All of the above based on the synthesis of two materials, our signature – soft in feel but tolerant in everyday use – rubber foam and the scuba textile which can be seasonally replaced by surprisingly different type of cloths.

You will instantly notice our brand’s trademark, a perforated dot, part of our “ it” logo and a punctuation mark identifier for our different product series. Subtly put at the bottom, always complying with our policy, never compromising the model’s design or becoming too intrusive.

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