Handcrafted iPhone, MacBook & iPad cases

this.is it design studio delivers minimalist handcrafted iPhone, MacBook & iPad cases based on the brand’s signature rubber foam material.

100% handcrafted.

Hand-knitted, always with focus on detail. All of our core materials are put together by hand to create each and every one of our products, making them a special item for a special user.

Made of Rubber Foam.

An elastic, soft in touch & resistant in daily use material. The 3mm thick sheets of this foamy material create a device cover very resistant to bumps which also offers a convenient grip due to its extra matte texture. Water & heat resistant. Stainless.

The 1st MacBook sleeve

to accommodate your charger. Unable to carry your MacBook  without a backpack? Not anymore. Add the removable charger pocket and improve your mobility.